Italian wine producers since 1931

For over eighty years we have been producing wines utilizing the highest quality grapes, grown here in the region of Lake Garda where we have more than 138 acres of vineyards and olive groves. Our proven passion for Garda and Lugana Wines has inspired us, generation after generation, to continuously seek improvement in all aspects of wine quality and wine production. In the family winery, the Avanzi family produces the most prestigious Garda wines, Lugana wines and sparkling wines. In the family oil-mill, with the same care and precision, we produce an outstanding and exquisite Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil. We sustain the richness of our land and the quality of our vineyards and its grapes with continuous renewal, combining almost a century of tradition, experience and know how.



Gianpietro Avanzi & Alessandro Avanzi

Giovanni Avanzi, founded the winery in 1931 and his sons Gianpietro and Alessandro joined the family team in the 60’s. Both are forward thinking men of passion, with a tremendous spirit for innovation. With our great respect for tradition, even today they play an important role in the everyday life of the winery sharing their knowledge and experience with the new generation.

Giovanni Avanzi

Giovanni, Gianpietro’s older son, is responsible for the Italian marketplace. He has made the name Avanzi known, appreciated, and respected throughout Italy and now the Avanzi wines and olive oils are distributed through an extensive network of wholesalers, retailers, and hotels, restaurants, and bars. He started as a young man in the business and has acquired an excellent working knowledge that enables him to successfully manage the marketplace.

Giuseppe Avanzi

Giuseppe, Gianpietro’s younger son, is our enologist and has dutifully earned the title of Winemaker. He oversees the creation of every wine produced in the family winery. He coordinates the harvest and selects only the best grapes coming from the estates of the Avanzi vineyards. His most important role is played in the winery, where thanks to his experience and expertise and a wonderful support team, our wines continue to be unique and award-winning.

Nicola Avanzi

Nicola, Alessandro’s older son, is in charge of the promotion and export of the wines and he also plays an administrative role in Management. He coordinates the sales and exports in more than 25 countries around the world and he works hand in hand with an ever increasing distribution base, building strong relationships with the people who import and distribute the Avanzi wines and olive oils. When Nicola isn’t busy traveling and working with the components of the company’s international distribution channel, he is working diligently in the administration of the company.

Francesco Avanzi

Francesco, Alessandro’s younger son, is responsible for the Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in the Lake Garda Oil Mill of the company, where he personally follows every production process from the beginning to the end. He is also in charge of the management of the Avanzi Micro Brewery located nearby. These craft beers are sold directly from the Pub of the Brewery and promoted nationwide and internationally.