Avanzi, Lake Garda Wines


The new winery

In March 2007, the Avanzi Family inaugurated the new enlarged winery, an extensive production and storage facility of 3000 sq. meters.  The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee high quality winemaking.  Situated underground is a maze of tunnels and corridors where the bottled wines age in peaceful harmony, at controlled atmospheric conditions. This maze of tunnels and corridors interconnects our complex.  The facility contains a unique drying room, which is essential for quality wines, with an environment of controlled humidity and temperature.



We look further. We think about our children and their future. We want to keep this wonderful place as pure as we can. We use clean energy and try evereday not to waste important resources. Our winery is a very big family, where young people learn from the older. Where the new generation's fresh ideas are very welcome and where the older share their-own knowledge. 



Strong-personality wines; This is the key-word if we think about our future. With one sip of the wines -produced with our native grapes- we want to tell the story of Lake Garda.